Rehabilitation exercises





Strength & conditioning

Strength and Conditioning plays an important role in return to independence and maintenance of our bodies. Not just for athletes, strength work will improve your mobility and stability around joints, reduce muscular imbalances, and prevent deconditioning later in life. 


Our rehabilitation facility provides all patients access to state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Whether you are a golfer, runner, triathlete or just want to build strength, the modern sports science community agrees that every individual can benefit from some degree of strength training to help support their hobbies.


Are you ready to get strong?

Just had my first session with Kate at Sigma Physiotherapy Sheffield to address my hamstring injury which has been bothering me for months. Kate genuinely moved me onto feeling much better within the hour. She addresses the injury and talks about cure rather than rest and recovery. Refreshing approach highly recommend.”

Steve Turner

“Completely different approach. No time pressure- took the time to get to the route of the problem with a very through history and examination.


Hoping that the planned treatment will work.

Thank you.” 

Kathleen Bestwick

“I would like to thank Kate for all her help over the last couple of months to help me with lower back pain and a trapped nerve causing excruciating pain down my leg and into my foot. Her calm and steady approach, coupled with her physiotherapy, helped me to manage the pain. I also appreciated the fact that she offered home visits”

Jane Kirton

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photo of people doing rehab exercises