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What is better for fat loss? HIIT vs LISS

HIIT: high intensity interval training, whereby a burst of high intensity exercises is followed with rest or a low intensity exercise period. E.g. Hill sprints

LISS: Exertion at a steady state pace without any bursts of max exertion e.g. walking on a treadmill, slow jog etc.

It was first thought that LISS was better for fat loss because it utilises FAT as the predominant energy source, whereas when doing HIIT CARBOHYDRATE is the predominant fuel.

But what really matters is not the fuel you are burning, but what happens to fat balance over a 24-hour period. So recently the opinion has changed in that people are recognising HIIT to be more beneficial for fat loss under the assumption that you may not burn as much fat during the HIIT session itself, but you will burn more fat after the session has ended. This is called the calorie afterburn effect (EPOC).

What do you think is better?

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