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What is your training purpose (lose weight, run a marathon, get stronger, get fitter)?

In the gym I see so many people trying different machines/types of training with no clear purpose. We are all rushing around all day and finding time to train is difficult. So, make it count when you turn up!

What’s the purpose of today’s session to get faster? Jump higher? Lift heavier? Run further?

Are you training at the right intensity?

Training aerobically, you should be able to comfortably have a conversation. This is the energy system you’ll use when you run a marathon, 30km bike ride or 4km swim.

Separate the training to ensure each session has a specific focus of what system you are trying to train/improve. If you can’t speak in complete sentences, you’re probably using your anaerobic system and you will struggle to sustain this for a very long time.

Learn to cruise, training should be 80% aerobic to avoid burnout. 80/20 rule... 80 percent training aerobically, 20 percent anaerobically.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Push your limits. Nothing worth achieving is in your comfort zone. Monitor which energy system you’re using.

Set goals.

Goal setting no matter how small the goal, will help bring direction/purpose and motivation to every training session.

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