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Do you dread night-time?

Are you someone who wakes up randomly at different points in the night? Or are you someone who just can’t get to sleep no matter what your try?

Recently my sleep has been impaired looking after a puppy, but this has made me think about the huge impact losing sleep can have on every aspect of health.

But why is it that so many people struggle with insomnia? Those patients that suffer with insomnia often present very sympathetic (hight energy, alert, increased HR, blood pressure).

You have 2 systems:

parasympathetic system (digest, sleep, blood flow to organs)

sympathetic system (blood flow to limbs, higher HR, BP, alertness).

Individuals with insomnia may have excessive sympathetic nervous system activity.

Being sympathetic increases production of stress hormones, which impairs the immune system, tissue repair, metabolism, and cognitive function.

What’s the solution? Your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are controlled by a cranial nerve called your Vagus nerve. It’s this that may not be regulating both systems properly.

No one’s born with this, and it always starts somewhere. If you think this might be you drop me a drop me a message at Sigma Physiotherapy!