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Physiotherapy in South Yorkshire

At Sigma Physiotherapy we blend biomechanics, pain science, and foundational strength and conditioning principles to provide a truly unique approach to physiotherapy. We treat patients as people not injuries with a goal to move you beyond pain in every aspect of your life.


Whether you have recently sustained an injury or have struggled with chronic pain for years, contact us to arrange an assessment which will start you on the path to a life beyond pain.

Putting on hand wraps

Physiotherapy for acute injuries

Joint or muscle pain rarely occurs in isolation, but affects, or is caused by other parts of the body, particularly areas you have previously experienced trauma.


To get rapid relief from pain and prevent recurrences, we will not only treat the pain, but sort out the cause of it too.

Back Pain Treatment

Have you been suffering with pain for more than 8 weeks?

All tissue heals, including your bones and nerves, yet some of us still experience pain long after the tissue healing period. If your symptoms came on suddenly with no explanation or your symptoms just don't seem to be improving, we will investigate the root cause and treat what is actually generating your pain. 

patient with vertigo, travel sickness or auditory disturbances

Do you struggle with symptoms of vertigo, travel sickness or visual and auditory disturbances?

When the body experiences a physical or emotional trauma, the nervous system puts a protective mechanism in place which may cause symptoms such as balance disorders.


We will work on solving the trigger of these symptoms with neurological testing.

Woman looking after her health

Physiotherapy for women's health in Sheffield

Whether you are pre-natal, post-natal or menopausal, your body goes through many changes from your hormones, to your joints. This can lead to symptoms such as pelvic pain, sacroiliac pain, fatigue and low mood.  


We will explore the cause of these changes and work with strength and conditioning principles to treat the pain and restore function.

COVID-19 update

To prioritise your safety whilst visiting the clinic we have put in place the following procedures to ensure Sigma Physiotherapy remains covid secure:


All therapists will wear masks as recommended by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Time between appointments have been extended so therapists have time to fully sanitise the treatment room prior to your arrival.

We take payments via credit or debit card only

“I came to Kate regarding numbness and weakness linked to anxiety. Within 1 session the numbness and weakness had completely gone! Really looking forward to my next session to monitor the anxiety related issues. Kate is super friendly and professional and makes you feel 100 times better within minutes. Highly recommend.” 

Robyn Whitehead

“Kate is brilliant for easing away all your pain, she explains where the pain could be coming from


Lovely person too” 

Lesley Cawthorne

"“Kate is a true professional. She is very thorough with her treatment, making sure she covers all bases. I have been suffering with my back for the longest time, but after just 1 session with Kate, it is feeling so much better. I finally have full movement back & can continue with my normal life. Thank you so much Kate.” 

Ellie Durose